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(Source -http://a-levine.com/ & NO Image by http://daily-vampirediaires.blog.cz )
prinášam vám jednu HQ / HD fotku z natáčania z " American Horror Story " :)
Adam tam vyzerá úžasne <3 čo myslíte vy? Je dokonalý <3

Hlasuj za Maroon 5 v 2012 Video Awards

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Maroon 5 je nominovaný v " Best Pop Video 2012 " s pesničkou " PAYPHONE " Ale Payphone má silných súperov sú to :
1) Fun. - We Are Young (Featuring Janelle Monae)
2) Boyfriend. - Justin Bieber
3) Maroon 5 / Wiz Khalifa - Payphone
4) One Direction - " What Makes You Beautiful "
5) Rihanna - We Fund Love
Podľa mňa si to zaslúžia vyhrať ! Pretože 1D & Bieber & Fun & Rihanna sú i v iných kategóriach nominovaný !!
Tak ak ste férový dáte hlas MAROON 5 ! Pretože potom by to bol od vás podraz. ! Takže v prvom " BEST POP VIDEO" dáte Payphone !! - > http://www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2012/best-pop-video/ <- HLASUJ !

Nová reklama na " THE VOICE "

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10 Septembra to začne :) Mám tu pre vás video bohužial nieje v dobrej kvalite, ale aspoň niečo.
(Dneska sem spravím Design.)
a ešte tu mám pre vás Poster z "Domu" ukážku :

Wasted Years

31. července 2012 v 1:00 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
Oh, slow is the memory
I can picture her standing right in front of me
Orange blossoms crushed on concrete
I walk around with bare feet
Cuz I know you want me
Can't remember anything
Her skin it tastes like sugar cane
And I had already gotten there before I came
My tank is empty
And I know you're thirsty

Wipe Your Eyes

31. července 2012 v 0:59 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
I'm afraid that I gotta do what I gotta do
But if I let you go where you gonna go
We gotta make it change time to turn the page
Something isn't right I don't wanna fight you
We've been through tougher times you know it gets worse
We can't turn this around please let me be first

Beautiful Goodbye

31. července 2012 v 0:57 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
I count the ways I let you down
All my fingers and toes but i'm running out
Clever words can't help me now
I tipped You attack but You're slipping out

Doin’ Dirt

31. července 2012 v 0:56 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
Hey you, don't wanna love you on the telephone
You're hanging up and now I'm all alone
Baby you got me doing dirt, doing dirt, doing dirt
And now I wanna find you but you're off the run
My heart's exploding like a burning sun
I know you like it when it hurts, when it hurts, when it hurts


31. července 2012 v 0:55 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
She's got tickets to her own show
But nobody wants to go
And I'm stuck sitting in the front row
I'm singing along like there's no tomorrow


31. července 2012 v 0:54 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
Man, it's been a long day
Stuck thinking 'bout it driving on the freeway
Wondering if I really tried everything I could
Not knowing if I should try a little harder

Fortune Teller

31. července 2012 v 0:53 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
I'm not a fortune teller
I won't be bringing news of what tomorrow brings
I'll leave that up to you
I'm not a fortune teller
Don't have crystal ball
I can't predict the future
Can't see nothing at all
It doesn't mean I'm afraid of all the things that you say
But I just think we should stay
Stuck in the moment today
And as the seasons roll back
No matter how hard I try
Summer will end and the leaves will turn again


31. července 2012 v 0:52 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
Baby it's not alright
The second that you turn your back she'll me outta sight
Baby she'll break your heart, the second that you spend the night apart
How could you do it? oh, how could you walk away, from everything we made
How could you do it?, oh you better watch yourself
I think that girl's insane

Love Somebody

31. července 2012 v 0:49 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
I know your inside, you're feeling so hollow
And it's a hard pill for you to swallow
But if I fall for you, I'll never recover
If I fall for you, I'll never be the same

The Man Who Never Lied

31. července 2012 v 0:48 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
In the middle of hollywood boulevard
Screaming at each other, screaming at each other
Like oh oh oh, can't take it anymore oh oh oh
Like a tragedy, like a dark comedy
Laughing at each other, laughing at each other, like oh oh oh
It isn't funny anymore, oh oh

Lucky Strike

31. července 2012 v 0:47 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
You're such a motivator, I gotta get you where
So sick of saying yes sir, yes sir
You're such an instigator, you wanna play the game
Take it or leave it, that's her, that's her
And I can't wait another minute
I can't take the look she's giving
Your body rocking, keep me up all night
One in a million
My lucky strike


31. července 2012 v 0:46 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
Here I am waiting, I'll have to leave soon
Why am I holding on?
We knew this day would come, we knew it all along
How did it come so fast?
This is our last night but it's late
And I'm trying not to sleep
Cause I know, when I wake
I will have to slip away


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Adam Levine:

I'm at a payphone trying to call home, all of my change I spent on you.
Where have the times gone? baby, it's all wrong…
Where are the plans we made for two?

One More Night

31. července 2012 v 0:42 | | Posted by Admin | |  Lyrics Archive » “Overexposed” (2012)
You and I go hard at each other like we're going to war
You and I go rough, we keep throwin' things and slammin' the door
You and I get so damn dysfunction al we stopped keeping score
You and I get sick, yah I know that we can't do this no more


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Mám tu pre vás 30 Sec. Ukážku na " THE VOICE " Séria 3 !
Adam sa tam objaví až v 15 Secs. Podľa mňa je to krásna ukážka čo myslíte vy ?
i Xtina je krásna, no nech by to už začalo nemyslíte ?